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When you've made the choice to develop a training or apprenticeship program, you'll have to spend some time determining the exact goal of your program and how you're going to achieve that goal. Our example is to develop an apprenticeship to build competent setup people.

In the past few months, Shop Talk has reviewed Skill Sets Nos. 1 and 2 and defined these by the specific steps to learn the skills required. Skill Set No. 1 covers fundamental machining knowledge (including shop math, blueprint reading and using measuring equipment). Skill Set No. 2 teaches basic workholding and offsets as well as introducing tooling for lathes and mills.

In Skill Set No. 3, we focus on the additional math, tooling, and processing knowledge required as a prerequisite to editing and writing programs.

IN OUR TRAINING, students on basic G and M codes. I know some people say that you can always look up the codes, but I want people to know the basic codes by heart.

Skill Set No. 3

Speeds and Feeds: Students moving through Skill Set No. 3 need to master calculating speeds and feeds for both mills and lathes. This is an important topic and we should insist that students start their own database. See what works and record the values in a notebook.

Tooling: A student wishing to become a skilled machinist will have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the following tools:

* Boring bars: use and application for both lathes and mills.

* Carbide inserts: understanding how tool nose radius, chip breakers, and grades effect machining

* Insert drills: safe and efficient use

* End mills: knowledge of the types and uses for end mills

* HSS Tooling: drills, taps, and reamers

Math skills: Both Pythagorean Theorem and trigonometry are necessary for anyone wanting to program machine tools.

Basic G and M codes: At this level, your apprentice should have knowledge of basic G and M codes. I like to cover 20-30 codes that cover basic operations for both lathes and mills.

In our training, we quiz students on these basic codes. Students have to write an explanation for each code. This quiz is reviewed and repeated until these core codes are memorized. I know some people say that you can always look up the codes, but I want people to know the basic codes by heart.

At the completion of Skill Set No. 3, we would require the students to take both a written test and a hands-on evaluation. To successfully complete this skill set, the student must adequately perform the tasks required. For example, one task would be to install and set a boring bar on a lathe and making sure that the bar functions correctly.

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